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Stellar Light

Wow! What an evening. We have been having gorgeous fall weather with amazing light and this evening – Mamma Mia.

Manhole cover on the street


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I walk seven to ten miles a day here in Orvieto. I love it. There is a richness to life that happens when you move at the pace of a human. You are in tune with everything around you. You see more. You observe more. You hear more of all the life going on.

It helps that it is a pedestrian friendly environment. Also helpful is the fact that everything you need is right here, so accessible. The city is full of little stores. There are grocery stores – much, much smaller than in the U.S. but they have all you need. Still, it is more fun to go to the various vendors for food. One place for your veggies and fruit, another for your cheese, one for bread, yet another for meat, and one for dessert. 

At these smaller stores you develop a warm relationship with the owners. They learn your preferences, help you find what you prefer or even hold it for you. This is part of the richness, the personal relationships you develop.

On the streets you begin to recognize people and exchange greetings. it is just so personal!

Italy is a sensory place. Being on foot enables us to appreciate and savor all those sensory experiences even more.

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Hitting some streets we don’t often visit as well as the familiar.

Don’t see much brick in Orvieto

Sweet, particularly the bus

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We took our group to our friend Simona’s house for cooking. We went an hour early so they could sketch for the work they are doing with our teacher – Junelle Jacobsen

The country around Simona’s house is beautiful. A short rain brought is a stunning double rainbow.

We made a ricotta/pear/walnut/pancetta appetizer, pasta, a pumpkin/sausage/fennel flower ragu, and tiramisu.

Sweet dreams!!

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Ippolito Scalza’s Pieta inside the Duomo always, always moves me.

Hope one can evoke such emotion out of stone amazes me. And a couple more shots from inside the Duomo.

The Baroque organ

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The Duomo

In the Duomo this morning.

Never fails to wow me!

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Welcome Home!

This is such a welcoming town! Just so wonderful to be back. We arrived yesterday to find many new restaurants begging for us to try them out. 

Of greatest interest was Cristian’s new venture. It is right next door to his restaurant and is a combination deli and place for apperitives and light food. Exquisite. He asked is to join him for complimentary apperitive before going to his restaurant for dinner. So good! Of course we thought we were done after the first plate. But then came a second. Mamma Mia. We now have plans to do a cheese and salumi tasting at Cristian’s with one of our food groups next fall.

The store – called Aronne


For those of you who have traveled with us, you will remember Scarponis where we always had coffee. And Mrs. Scarponi who we had a time getting to smile. This morning at Capitano Popolo, the replacement to Scarponis, we ran into the retired Mrs. Scarponi and she was all smiles! She bought our coffees. So sweet, and so typical of the welcome here.

The best coffee in the world!!

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