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After the dinner, next up for Simona and Nick on their American and Morganton adventure, was a cooking class at the Reihl’s house on beautiful Lake James. Dianne had set up two gorgeous tables on which to eat and her kitchen lent itself perfectly to the 12 in the class.

The menu was a fava bean/ricotta/mint crostino, a pear and Gorgonzola risotto with salad and roasted potatoes, chicken cacciatora, and panna cotta with coffee caramel and raisins steeped in wine.

Taste of Orvieto

One of Dianne’s 2 beautiful tables

Adventures in Italy

Ready for the cooking students

Cultural adventures

Assembled and ready to begin

Bill Steiner

Peeling pears to be cooked in wine and added to the risotto

Kristi Steiner

Watching Simona demonstrate

Art in Italy

It was fun with much laughter

Adventures in Italy

Some of the men prepare the crostini

Art classes in Orvieto

Look what a good job they did!

Food, wine, culture

Preparing the coffee caramel for dessert

Cooking classes in Italy


olive picking in Italy

The Reihls and Simona

Cheese making in Italy

The class!

What fun it was. It was sad to see Nick and Simona leave, but they were off for more cooking in Boston. Such a treat for us to have them here. You can cook with Simona at her farmhouse in October via our Taste of Orvieto trip!

Nick and Simona may return for another round. We have encouraged Nick to teach some photography while he is here, if they come. To see his incredible work go here. And to learn more about Simona visit her website.


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