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Italy trips 2011

Making umbrichelli in one of our cooking classes

One of the most fun things we do on our trips is a cooking class with Lorenzo Polegri at Zeppelin Restaurant. It is instructive, but also a riot of fun. We make our own meal which is always multi-course: appetizer, pasta, meat, vegetables, dessert. After several hours of cooking we sit down in the restaurant and the staff waits on us. Lorenzo is a great teacher and entertainer, making the night a complete joy.

Well now Lorenzo is coming to our town – Morganton, NC. He is publishing a book which is coming out mid September. The book will be a combination of stories of his growing up and learning cooking in the family, and recipes. We’ve had a taste of the great stories in the recipes he gives us after our cooking class. So I know it will be a meaningful book, more than just a cookbook.

Cooking classes are so much fun!

Lorenzo will be in the U.S. to promote the book in late October and early November. He has agreed to come to Morganton where he will do a cooking class for a small group of people and then a demonstration for a larger group. We are doing this in conjunction with Downtown Morganton, a group that works to make downtown the heart and soul of the community, and which has access to a commercial kitchen and dining facilities in the downtown. The menu isn’t decided yet, but whatever is chosen will be paired with some excellent Italian wines.

It will be great to have Lorenzo here, and to give folks in our town a chance to taste a bit of authentic Italian cuisine.

Lorenzo feeding grapes to a student


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