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We have, for the longest time, wanted to do a creative writing workshop in Orvieto. But finding someone who is really gifted and a good teacher to boot is not easy. Luckily, one of our former travelers is a writer and recommended the perfect instructor to us.

We are thrilled that Kathy Dunn has agreed to lead a creative writing workshop for us September 18 – 24, 2011. One of the things that we love about Kathy is that she “gets” Orvieto and what we are doing there. As we worked with her to put together her workshop she intuitively knew how to take advantage of Orvieto as the resource it is. She was ahead of us in incorporating the place into her workshop.

The facade of Orvieto's cathedral emerges on Via Duomo

Another thing we love is how supportive and encouraging Kathy is with her students. All our teachers are this way, of course. But when you read her words in the Meet Kathy part of the page describing her trip you will see what I mean.

She finishes her quote by saying, ” . . . writing brings new images, new stories, and new understandings to the world.” This happens all the times on our trips. The art that people are doing, inspired by, fed by, and filtered through the Italian culture and Orvieto, do elicit new images and understandings, and the trip itself is a story. It is always a thrill to see this unfold during the week. We’re glad Kathy will be guiding people in their creative writing efforts in September!


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