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Growing Old in Italy

We have just had an “episode” with one of our parents, all of whom are just under or over 90 years of age. One of the possible outcomes of this event would be the inability to drive. It got me thinking about how dependent we are on the car, and what a huge life changer it is when one can no longer drive.

And it made me think of Orvieto and what a wonderful place it is in which to get old. It is great for at least two reasons.

  • As long as you can walk, you can get everything you need within walking distance of your home – food, medical care, household items – everything.
  • The ability to get out on foot means you are not isolated. You run into people you know, you make appointments to get together which require only that you walk – nobody to drive you.

What a blessing this is. One of our friends in Orvieto tells us she gets out on the street “to know she is alive.” She runs into friends, meets them for coffee, joins them for meals. It’s marvelous. Even if you just want to get out in the street and feel the comfort of other people’s presence, it is doable all day, in every season.

Great camaraderie, independence, a fulfilling life in one’s golden years. I hope the Orvietani know how lucky they are!!


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In May 2011, DJ Pettitt will be leading a photography/painting workshop for us in Orvieto. Her work is exceptional. One of her favorite subjects is angels. This fall Kristi and I went to Orvieto’s cemetery, located off the rock, to look for angels that might interest her.

There were plenty, but what attracted my attention, being the built environment type, was the incredible architecture of the mausoleums. Everything from classical to modern.

The cemetery has a nice view back to Orvieto perched on its rock. We walked to it – about a 20 minute walk through countryside, across a stream and then up a small hill. Beautiful! Here are some images of my favorite structures.

Italy learning vacation

Striped like Orvieto's Cathedral

Italy small group tour

Orvieto in the background

Italy art instruction


small group travelsmall group trips

Learning holiday

Another striped one!

Orvieto, Italy


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It is hard to believe that we are back nearly four weeks from our last workshop this fall. That last workshop was fun and productive with an energetic group creating and playing into each night. Misty Mawn led a talented group in making journals and then filling them with inspiration from Orvieto. The character of the group was enlivened by a participant each from Greece and Portugal.

Pictures speak louder than words! Enjoy the creativity and fun that took place during the last glorious week in Orvieto, Fall 2010.

Misty Mawn Workshop


Misty demonstrating technique


Chefs extraordinaire




Misty Mawn in Italy


What is so funny?

Misty Mawn Orvieto, Italy


Misty Mawn Italy workshop

We made that?
Italy with Misty Mawn


Misty Mawn Italy workshop

Chef Lorenzo and Niki

Misty Mawn workshop Orvieto, Italy


Misty is returning for an encore workshop in 2012. Exact dates are September 30 – October 6, 2012. Details will be forthcoming on our website. Stay tuned!

Misty Mawn

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