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The Quiet of Orvieto

Quiet Morning in Orvieto

Melody Beattie said, “The sounds of silence aren’t silent. Each creation that lives sings its own song. It takes a quiet mind, a quiet soul, a quiet heart to hear these songs.” Beautifully put and so true. It brings to mind Orvieto.

One of the things we are struck with on every visit is how quiet our convent B & B is at night. It is blissfully, peacefully, deeply, comfortingly so. It sets the tone for the coming day, and, as the week unfolds, the silence becomes more profound. What begins to happen is a quieting of the mind that evolves into the week. In a hectic world it is much needed, is balm where balm penetrates deeply, releasing tensions and righting oneself with the world again.

You can’t can this kind of thing, you can’t explain it particularly well, it is impossible to convey adequately as we try to help people understand what a week in Orvieto is like. You have to experience

Sunset in Orvieto

it. It’s that simple. You spend a week, the cell phone no longer rings, the e-mail is no longer present, the to-do list is gone. What’s more, you are in a sensory-rich environment which stimulates all the feeling, touching, seeing, tasting, smelling that has been sacrificed to the demands of the mind. The mind quiets. The body and soul live.

People are drawn to these trips by an inner voice, an inner recognition that it is time to quiet the mind, to live life. It usually takes a while for the voice to be heard, for it to finally become insistent. But what a rich reward: Deep, deep quiet and silence in the soul.

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